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Through our global reach, AIM provides extensive capabilities in education,  consulting, and
technology.  We partner with global leaders throughout industry to provide our clients best
of breed and next-generation service.  This allows us to retain our competitive advantage by
optimizing your organization’s performance while reducing costs.   AIM has developed
cross-border relationships with firms in the Americas, UK and Europe, as well as the Asia-
Pacific region.  Get Aligned with AIM.
Get Aligned with AIM
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Alliance Partner Portal
AIM  a global leader in Strategy and IT/Telecom consulting. Through our strategic alliance
program, AIM extends a greater breadth and depth of solution offerings to clients worldwide
Discover the many advantages of developing strategic partnerships with AIM.  Contact  us at
alliances@aim-llc.net to place your enterprise on the fast track to success with the global
leader in Strategy and ICT.  Take advantage of the array of benefits of our Alliance Partner
Program.  Get Aligned with AIM.
AIM introduces CONNECT, our Alliance Partner Portal, to showcase the benefit and
advantage of our unique value-added strategic alliances.  
Alliances Partner Program