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AIM complements our education and consulting service with supporting technology
that assist organizations better understand their business, industry, and market.  
Coupled with our years of experience in technology strategy, support, and service,
AIM forms strategic alliances with premier companies in industry to offer leading
edge technology to clients around the globe.

Whether it's a Enterprise
Portal solution that serves as the central nervous system
for a major university, a
Balanced Scorecard strategy software that guides the
strategic management of a state or local government, or
Business Intelligence
analytics that enhance student and administrative performance in a public school
district, AIM has a wealth of solutions for your organization.  AIM also provides a
range of
software development solutions in cloud computing, e-commerce, game
developent, mobile apps, and web development for organizations.

CONNECT and discover how AIM extends it's capabilities and expertise through
robust strategic
alliances in network and communications technologies.

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Benefit from our value added
expertise in Technology  
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